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Welcome at the english language section of the site. In this page you can find the essentials informations to know our activities, surfing the menu at left.

Our operating branch is the design of civil and industrial electrical systems, jointly to counseling in the electricals systems branch for privates persons, istitutions (publics and privates) and other professionals (also out of branch).

The links at left allow you to learn useful data to contact us, our staff, utilized tools and other more.

In the page "How reach us" is showed a map of city's zone nearby our seat, with the roads indications, to reach our bureau.

For communications you can access the page "Contacts" and send an e-mail or a fax message to the interested sector.

Any agreement has been keeping with establishment and/or society widely promoted and the possibles advertising banners, that are present in this site, aren't managed by us. We are not responsible for the advertising contents linked to the Web site pages.

Fun surfing!

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